Welcome to the world of sachee fragrances & chemicals ltd. An enterprise synonymous with innovation & creativity with a proven track record of more than three decades. We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of industrial fragrances in india strategically located at the commercial hub of noida adjoining new delhi the capital city of india.


Sachee fragrances & chemicals ltd. Was established in 1983 by mr. Rakesh arora a visionary in organic chemistry confident of his potential in the development of fragrances.


We at sachee invest more in research and development and we have the heritage, scale and the supply chain to serve our customers better with innovative products and concepts. Our focus is on building partnerships with our clients to grow our presence in markets. Our unremitting hard work and dedication to provide a unique experience to every client has gained us a reputation and goodwill which we maintain and preserve.


Sachee fragrances & chemicals ltd. Has always been extremely focused at pioneering new products that address key applications from time to time. So we came up with our range of roll ons under the brand zaraa perfumes and natural essential oils under the name and style sachee naturals.


Achieving all this takes a lot of effort, planning, investment and curiosity. We are conscious of maintaining highest quality standards for our entire range of fragrances & flavours. Our mission is to provide our consumers with consistent high quality products by implementing mandatory standards of quality control.


We manufacture fragrances & flavours for
1. Chewing tobacco
2. Fabric care
3. Personal hygiene
4. Cosmetics & beauty care
5. Hair care
6. Home care
7. Air freshners, incense sticks & candles
8. Spray perfumes, deodorants & toiletories
9. Smoking tobacco
10. Custom fragrances for rubber & plastic industry