As a manufacturer of flavoring solutions we help our customers deliver on the promise of yummy foods and drinks that consumers love. Creating delectable flavours requires a deep understanding and knowledge of the taste and preferences of the user. With our focus on innovation we deliver our customers unique solutions that make their products standout in every market.


Each kind of product range needs careful and undisrupted analyses . Our tie ups with professional tasters help us in achieving this precision yielding just the perfect synthesis of flavours.
Another major challenge is to produce eco-friendly and healthy flavouring substances which are in fine fettle for long term usage. Purity plays a major role and at Sachee Fragrances and Chemicals Ltd., we are dedicated to provide the touch of wholesomeness.


We create a wide range of flavours from mellow, mild and decent to strong, rich and luscious. Our experts help you to decide the appropriateness of them in different products. So visit us for the advice and open doors to the new opportunities in your business.


We are the creators of flavours for a wide range of products including:

.Dairy products like sweets, yoghurts

.Mellow flavours for savouries like chocolates

.Rich flavours for aperitifs like cocktails

.Smoking Tobacco (Hookah, Sheesha & Cigarettes)

.Chewing Tobacco & Pan Masala

.Mouth Freshners