A Fascination With Perfumery

The essence of Sachee Fragrances lies in the absolute passion for perfumery. Our creations have to be masterfully balanced, no doubt, but what truly makes them an item of luxury is when they feel right. 

Each fragrance, flavour or essential oil is derived from the best of ingredients and highest grade of extracts, and our expertise lies in sourcing the exact raw material and striking the perfect balance of ingredients to make each composition truly unique, and truly yours!

Leading With Innovation

Our fully equipped Research & Development lab - India's first and the finest, along with our Creative Center dedicated towards perfecting that which we envision help us deliver high quality fragrances and flavours of international standards. 

Our manufacturing unit consisting of the latest technology to aid precision caters to a global demand, both in terms of quality and quantity. Over the course of four decades we have partnered with top global brands to deliver the finest fragrances and flavours, while staying true to our ethos of quality, safety and sustainability.

Third Generation Family-Run Charm

An innate penchant for the art of perfume-making, and a discerning vision for the future inspired our founder, Mr. Rakesh Arora to pioneer a world class fragrance and perfume manufacturing facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India. 

Founded in 1983, Sachee Fragrances continues to create exclusive fragrances and flavours for a global clientele. Presently led by third generation perfumer, Mr. Bharat Arora, Sachee Fragrances strives to develop an impeccable and diverse range of products that leave a lasting impression.