A Pioneering Vision

Sachee Fragrances was founded in 1983 as Calcutta Perfumery Works Pvt Ltd.  With an eye towards the development of fragrance industry, our visionary founder, Mr. Rakesh Arora, focused on establishing a manufacturing unit of international standards, adapting the latest technologies and research methodologies towards the goal of creating high quality fragrances and flavours in India.

Strong Foundations For Quality

In 1990, Mr. Rakesh Arora created a vision for the future – with India’s first fully equipped Research and Development Lab for quality control. In 2006, Sachee Fragrances opened a Creative Center featuring R&D, creative and analytical laboratories, sample manufacturing labs and areas designated for fragrance development and evaluation. All this to ensure we continue to craft the finest olfactory experience.

Perfumery in our DNA

Mr. Rakesh Arora was not only an excellent leader of the industry, but an artisan and perfumer par excellence. His understanding of fragrance was unmatched and with a creative knowledge of the field, he excelled at making Sachee Fragrances into an industry leader and pioneer. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients, balanced concoctions and exclusive creations have been major contributors in our long-lasting sillage.

Through the Years